Lee R. Carter



Available to assign officials to your sporting event. Basketball, Girls Lacrosse, Field Hockey, AAU Events, tournaments, High School, Club, Independent Colleges

I have successfully ran a basketball officiating camp for over ten years, along with a great team Brian Copeland, Greg Tolson, Sue Kovensky, Robbie Clark,

Tony Woolfolk, Patrick Gregg, Tim Ebersole, Steve Warner, D'Juan Chapman, and Raymond Hicks. Every year officials have been picked-up by various conferences after attending camp.

Congragulations to all officials who have attended the BAOG camp and were selected to work College and High School playoffs.

Please note: The BAOG and the CBOO are separate entities. Do not send money for the CBOO or PSAC/CAC camps to the BAOG. Thanks

Basketball Officiating Camps 

 The PSAC /CAC  Women's camp



PSAC/Capital Men's



Registration forms for the CBOO have not been updated yet.

Messiah College Grantham, PA


Cost: 200.00



Women's  PSAC D-2,  Capital D-3

Contact: Dr. Tim Ebersole


3-Person Women's Mechanics

and High School

Sat 4 May 2019

7:30a.m.-7:00 pm

Messiah College 

Cost: 125.00

Contact: Lee Carter



CBOO Men’s/Women’s Tryout Camp Fee (Non-refundable) $150.00 Session 1:   Messiah College

(Men’s/Women’s Staff Tryout)   

   Session 2: Messiah College

(Men’s/Women’s Staff Tryout) 
NJCAA Region XIX/PSU Branch Campus, MD JUCO Tryout Camps (A
ttendance required for all three days) 

Women's PSAC/CAC Registration Form 

Men's PSAC/CAC Registration Form

NJCAA Region 19, 20, PSAC-East  Registraion Form

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 Registration Form BAOG Camp 

 Waiver Form  BAOG Camp

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